Changin’ It Up

I suppose the label of this blog should have changed from Warm Days to Infinite Days a few weeks ago because the title of the book has changed. A year or so ago, the book was originally titled The End Of Warm Days but after much deliberation and guidance from my editor and agent Infinite Days is now the official title.


I type this blog from the computer center at Vermont College in Montpelier Vermont (it’s finally 30 degrees here as it was -3 for DAYS). I am finishing up the first residency where I am pursuing my MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults. I already have an MA in Creative Writing but this MFA is something I’ve decided to pursue because it’s not only important for my writing but for the longevity and quality of Infinite Days. The first book was a gift, Lenah’s voice came to me in a very clear and forceful way. I knew distinctly what her desires were as well as the conflicts she would experience. Pursuing this MFA will allow me more ammunition so I can keep writing quality work.

I’ve learned an incredible amount already in 10 days. I’ve met National Book Award Finalists (and winners), met unbelieveable writers, listened to relevant and worthwhile lectures, and met some kindred spirits. The showers and bathrooms could be nicer but hey, I’ll take a riveting conversation about plot development over a shower door any day. But maybe that’s just me.

The way VCFA works is that you come to short residencies like the one I am at now, you go home and then work one-on-one with an advisor for 6 months. You work with that advisor until the next residency when you finish up and choose a new one. You find out who your advisor is at 10 pm. Some mysterious person posts the list on a board and everyone runs to find out who they are working with while all the faculty look on from a balcony above. See, I didn’t know that and was jumping up and down in happiness like a moron. Sigh…

My advisor is the incredible A.M. Jenkins who has published books such as Damage, Repossessed and Out of Order. Needless to say, I am very excited. This semester I’ll be working on the Infinite Days series but just to have someone with this whole host of knowledge (and unreal talent) makes me feel safe. I know that sounds cheesy but Lenah, Justin, Rhode and Vicken deserve the safety and comfort of my mind. They deserve to know that I’ll take them through worthy conflicts and relevant plot points.

I just passed in Infinite Days for my delivery date before I came to campus. I haven’t heard anything yet on the status of my revisions but I’ll keep you updated.