In my brain, schmequels is a word, okay? SO, I’ve been writing this schmequel and I was feeling eh about it up until the other morning. Yes, eh is an emotion. So, the other morning, after having my third cup of coffee with French Vanilla Coffeemate, I bent over to pick up a pencil. Pretty innocuous right? Just bending over to pick up a pencil… This was not a number 2 pencil but a fancy schmancy pencil that you buy at the stationary store because all of the purple Papermate pens (medium) you love so much have been STOLEN by your SISTER (GASSSSP). Anyway, so I pick up this pencil and it hits me.


No, really. I’ve been forcing my characters to run around in a setting that they just did not belong. The setting worked thematically but it didn’t work in terms of their characterization. I was so blind. So I said to myself, REBECCA!!! You should bend over to pick up pencils more often because epiphanies like this don’t come every day.

And then I did something scary.

I threw out 50 pages of what I wrote.

Yep. I placed my characters back where they belonged and like gangbusters the words started flowing and the schmequel jumped back on track and now I am refusing to write with anything but the fancy pencil.

So what is today’s lesson? Be true to your heart when you write because the moment you let it do the talking, your schmequel will start flowing. Really… If you force your art it’s going to be fabricated. Your characters won’t be motivated by their wants and desires they’ll be motivated by you – forcing them to act.

Bend over and pick up a pencil. Then see what happens to your schmequel.

Chatham Bars Inn/My friend Maggie’s house

I need more interesting blog titles. It’s like, I’ll write a blog about chicken and then I’ll just title the blog: chicken. Boring. ANYWAY, this weekend I finished a draft of the Infinite Days sequel. I pretended I was someone fancy (I heard JK Rowling did this for Harry Potter) and went to a hotel to finish the sequel. I literally sat in the hotel for 12+ hours and banged it out. Literally. I banged on the keys of my laptop so hard that one of the buttons flew off and slid under the bed. No lie. For real – it was the P.

So, because I think everyone is interested in what I am interested in, I thought I would include some pictures of the hotel because it was so freakin’ gorgeous and they upgraded me to an ocean view.

Here are some pics:

Nice view, right? There was a Nespresso machine so all I did all day/night was drink coffee, eat and look at that view. Then I would bang around on my computer for a while and read scenes out loud, frightening the people in the room next door.

After I came back from the Cape I went to see my amazing writers group and we shacked up for the Sunday at my friend Maggie’s house. She purchased the house not long ago and when she went to check out the backyard for the first time this is what she discovered!!!!

So if I uploaded these right it should look like one panoramic photograph. Make sure you click on the pictures and try to zoom – the mural is really detailed. It was also really inspiring. After all, I live near the beach, why not troll the shore for some shells?

In terms of book news, I’m waiting IMPATIENTLY for book blurbs. I’m also waiting IMPATIENTLY to start working with VLC Photo on my book trailer. Producer, Vania, is so professional and passionate that I know it’s going to work out great. But she is making me EXCITED ABOUT IT and I wanted to get started like YESTERDAY. Sorry, I shouldn’t yell. I’m really more squealing than yelling – it’s just I’m so excited. What am I talking about? I don’t squeal. Echem… moving on. Vania did the book trailer for Beautiful Creatures. You can see it below:

This past week, I met my UK book photographer. Well, I didn’t meet her in person, we e-met. I went to her site and I could not be more pleased MacMillan UK queried her for some photographs. Her name is Elizabeth May and she’s got a real vision and I hope to work with her again. Check out her site. There’s a side by side of the Infinite Days final book cover and the original picture she submitted for the book cover. As I said in my last post, it’s pretty amazing how close that model looks to how I imagine Lenah. The model’s name is Renae and I find her beauty really powerful and her on-camera presence striking. Very Lenah-like.

Gosh, I cannot WAIT for you to read the book!

Here’s Elizabeth’s blog.

Have a great evening!


So I e-mailed my UK publisher and asked reallllllllly nicely if I could have the jpeg file of my UK cover so I could post it here on my blog. They are publishing Infinite Days in hardcover so the approach to the cover is different. I love both the US and the UK covers because they both capture the essence of Infinite Days in entirely different ways.

The reason one picture is grayer than the other is because there is a sort of waxy overlay with the leaves and cool flowery graphics and then the bottom layer is the photo.

Either way, I LOVE IT.

The photograph of the girl in this photo is pretty much exactly how I picture my main character, Lenah (pronounced Lay-nah). I guess that’s the amazing thing about literature. You can write this thing, this book and it exists in peoples’ minds in completely different ways but ways that are also completely accurate.

I’m so excited for the book to go out in the world. I hope readers enjoy Lenah as much as I’ve enjoyed writing her story. Her journey is going to be a crazy one and the characters that pick up the story along the way pepper her world and make it a sexy, dark and mysterious place.

Book Cover!

It’s on Amazon so I guess that means it’s officially happening – my book is being published. I keep waiting for my editor to call me and go, JUST KIDDING. April Fools! Or something like that. Since that phone call hasn’t happened as of yet I will now show off my book cover.

Here ya go! (Click to enlarge)

I love it. I think it captures the tone of the book, which as you will read is not typical for a vampire book. I can’t say anymore. No, really, I can’t. That would be bad. So yaaaaay St. Martin’s Press! As a side note, the interior design is also really smashing and I wish I could show it to you here but then you would be reading the book and that would be unfair.


Part of my writing life is I get to read tons of YA literature. I just finished the really wonderful, A Bad Boy Can Be A Good For A Girl by Tanya Lee Stone. It’s a verse novel and while I found the narrative compelling and the prose exceptional, it was what was at the back of the book which really fascinated me.

Exhibit A (click to enlarge):

How cool is that? Do all libraries do this? Will someone explain this for me? What a great way to communicate how or why a book is effective. This book, A Bad Boy Can Be Good For A Girl is about sex. It’s about what’s emotionally at stake when a young woman places herself in sexual situation with a boy who may not deserve her body or her time. It’s much, much more than that. The book addresses female empowerment, trust, first sexual encounters and a host of other themes I cannot possibly cover in this short blog. But that exact point is what makes the questionnaire at the end of this book so genius. These readers get to talk to one another. They get to say why, specifically, they think this literature is important.

Genius. Genius.