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This book was an addiction for me. I skipped meals, holing myself up with this book until I was done. Then, I read it again. I don’t know what I loved more the originiality of the plot, the ernestness of the characters or the thrill of danger lurking at the door. While romantic and paranormal, Maizel’s debut shines most for her heroine’s compelling desire to be human in every sense of the word. It is this heart-breaking, fragile humanity that may be her saving grace.

I can only compare this first book to how I felt when I read Twilight and the first Harry Potter. Maizel has the brillian gift of creating characters you don’t just love despite their flaws, but characters whose story you NEED to hear creating a compulsion to listen and experience that story for yourself.

There is no doubt that I am buying a copy of this book for myself and copies to give to all my friends.

Overall: A++

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BEA run down!!

Here’s what I have learned since coming home from BEA:

I miss living in NYC. I miss the coffee, the fashion, the weird people and driving 90 miles an hour in cab down Madison Avenue and then coming to a complete stop within two blocks.

I wouldn’t move back. But that’s another blog for another time. Here’s what my life was like at BEA:

Tuesday – May 25th

12pm- I arrive at the Roger Williams Hotel on 31st street and immediately see my friend Kristin. We go to VCFA together so we hadn’t seen one another since January. We were very excited. My roomate from VCFA, Stefanie was there as well but she had to leave so that was sad. Happy/Sad back to back.

5pm – I go to a St. Martin’s Press party at the flatiron building. Which is weird, not because it’s SMP but because I go up the 18 floors and the elevator opens and there is a bar. And the amazing thing is – I’m not behind it. I’m at SMP because of this book, this thing which came out of the depths of me and I wrote it and I wrote Lenah’s story and it exists in space and time and SMP is publishing it and they invited me to their party and I wasn’t bartending for them. So I stayed for an hour because I had obligations with my William Morris foreign agent, Laura.

Laura dresses better than everyone I know.

I saw her a day later at BEA and she was wearing some kind of fabulous gold dangly necklace and I wanted to take her hand and run off to the village and have her pick out stuff for me. But I kept this inside – until now. Sorry, Laura but as we were talking at BEA on Thursday – that’s what was going on in my head.

So after the SMP party, I met Laura at the London Hotel. I was overjoyed to meet my Italian publisher who was also insanely well dressed. She also smelled good and was smart and told Laura and I all about the marketing plan for Infinite Days in Italy. Rose petals is all I’m gonna say…

THENNNNNN I went to see a friend of mine uptown and we had some good ol’ fashioned beverages and I called it a night.

Wednesday May 26th

9am -2pm: Hello insanity that is BEA. Thousands of people.Writers/Authors/Librarians/Agents/Publishers – Kristin and I didn’t know what to do or where to go first. So what do people at VCFA do? They find other VCFA people. We walked in a pack. We took a lot of ARCs. I got the ARC of fellow YA buzz panel writer, Ally Condie. I can’t tell you how excited I am for Matched. Dystopia is my cup of tea. What kind of person does this make me, exactly?

2pm – 3pm: YA editor’s Buzz panel: Julie Strauss-Gabel, Associate Publisher, Dutton Children’s Books with Ally Condie’s MATCHED; Jennifer Weis, Executive Editor, St. Marin’s Press with Rebecca Maizel’s INFINITE DAYS; Cindy Eagan, Editorial Dir., Poppy with Kody Keplinger’s THE DUFF; Farrin Jacobs, Executive Editor, Harper Teen with Sophie Jordan’s FIRELIGHT; Arthur Levine, VP & Editorial Dir., Arthur A. Levine Books with Erin Bow’s PLAIN KATE

I was star struck the entire time. Not only with my editor, Jen but with all of the editors. (Arthur Levine…yay!!)

My editor was a wonderful speaker, she talked about Infinite Days how she acquired it and how the process goes from getting a book to publishing a book. I always want to talk to my editor way more than we have time to do but I feel like she’s way important and I am this bartender on hiatus. 🙂 Maybe she’ll let me sit down at just ask her 1000 questions about writing and books. 🙂

Oh, I also met some of the ladies who work at SMP. Eileen, Brittany, Sara. I think I might be spelling Brittany wrong and if so, I’m sorry. (I tried to find you on facebook but you have that profile on LOCKDOWN).

3:05pm – I told Kristin “I might die and need to go decompress in the hotel room.” She said, “okay.” Then she got the Beautiful Darkness arc along with my friend and trailer maker, Vania from VLC productions. Damn it.

Thursday May 27th

9am – Kristin and I walked around BEA again. This time there were less people, we could walk without slamming into anyone. We saw Tony Hawk and decided he was very tan. We also saw Laurie Halse Anderson and almost passed out.

12pm- Diner food!!!!

1pm-2pm – The boys panel! We stumbled onto this but I saw Adam Rex and was star struck again and wanted him to talk to me about True Meaning of SmekDay. But I didn’t and my panel was next.

2pm-3pm – I will read my book off of any technological instrument. I read it off of a phone and I am cool with it! I had an incredible time. I am still in awe of the fact that Kody Kepplinger who wrote, The Duff, is 18. 18!!!! When I was 18 I was bartending in Boston and dreaming of my life as a somethingorother. I had no idea what I would be. I loved writing but writing a novel at 18? Damn girl! I am excited to sit down with The Duff and get started on it.

Then – I went home. I am off to England tomorrow night where I will meet my UK agent and publishers. I am also going to meet my cover photographer, Elizabeth May. I haven’t ever had a real conversation with Elizabeth but I kind of e-love her. Is that ok?

Giddy. Yay Yay Yay

So I was convinced there was no UK ARC coming my way. I pined for it. I cried myself to sleep. I ate ice cream.

I was so wrong.

Today my UK ARC came in the mail and in the devilish box with the ARC were oodles of DRIED LAVENDER. If you’ve read the book then you know how amazing this is. No body say nothin’! If you haven’t read the book – you will – and you will remember this post and say, “Rebecca, that’s awesome.” Though you could be talking to my UK Editor because her name is Rebecca too. If, in fact, you do say, “Rebecca, that’s awesome,” say it for both of us… BECA– USE IT’S AWESOME.

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Fly your freak flag – courtesy of Elizabeth May who I hope has not been adbucted by Faeries.

I was reading an article about the singer, Lissie. Just so you know, I’m a crazytown Lissie fan. I love her voice. I love that she plays her own music and writes her own tunes. I also love that her drummer also plays bass AND sings. So I was reading this article from Spinner, and something about her story really struck me.

Here’s the link so you can read about it:

Here’s the thing – when I was in high school I wore my heart on my sleeve. Hell, I still do. I was the kind of kid who loved movies, books and being in love. I thought I was in love with anyone who showed me attention, I adored creative writing and drama. I danced in my room and when no one was home I sung in the shower. I was unafraid of being who I was and only when I was reminded by other people my own age did I realize that I was awkward or “dramatic.”

I was lucky, thought. I happened to go to a fairly “accepting” private school. It really was a place I could be myself. Yet, there was the set of girls who had it all (aren’t there in every high school?) Money – popularity – the right clothes. I was always left of center. I had nice jeans but they weren’t 100 dollar jeans. They were the jeans I got at TJ Maxx. That was fine by me – I didn’t know that wasn’t “posh.” That aside, I went through my days just being me, wearing my heart on my sleeve, loving who I loved and making mistakes, I didn’t know I was being made fun of. Maybe I didn’t care.

Now, this isn’t quite as dramatic as being taken away in cuffs but one day I decided to wear green tights. Not neon green but evergreen. They looked dumb in hindsight but they were what I happened to think was important to wear that day. So I did. I’ll never forget these girls, looking me up and down, taking in the sight of my green tights and saying…

“I like your tights…” and then walking away together arm and arm. For anyone who has been through this -even something as minimal as this, you question yourself. You question who you are. In the lieu of cases of bullying, I can’t imagine the viral nature of bullying today and what may have happened to me if my tights had been passed around the internet. High school is hard. Being yourself is hard but coming into your own or knowing who you are is half the battle. Even if you don’t know who you are and you’re trying to figure it out – do not let others attempt to keep you from expressing yourself.

Look, this even happened to me the other day. I was at a bar visiting some old friends and when I told someone I was going to England for some research on my next book, the response was, “Why a lot of vampires there?” My friend Marlo posted this quote on her facebook page and I’ll

Mediocrity always attacks excellence. “Great spirits have always encountered opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly.” Albert Einstein

German cover!

So I begged my agent to let me post this German cover a few weeks ago. Since it’s on the German Amazon I think it might be ok 🙂

The reason I LOVE this cover is because it captures a really important part of Lenah’s conflict. I know I’m being cryptic but it’s fun and August is like 3 months away. Once you read the book, it’ll make sense.

Oh! They also changed the title from Infinite Days to – The Night Is Yours. I don’t mind, in fact, I think it’s awesome. I heard it has something to do with the translation of Infinite Days in the German language, etc. etc.

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