I’ve been meaning to post forever. Really. The truth is that if I don’t have anything to report, I try to refrain from writing meaningless things that would bore you. I have some news. Not much, but some. Things are progressing with Stolen Night and it is due out in the summer/fall. It depends where YOU live. My wonderful editor in the UK sent me the cover of Stolen Night and I saw it on Amazon so I think I can share with you here. 
Somehow this blog became center formatted. I’m just going to go with it. 

(Now the formatting is back to normal. This is exhausting).

Personally, I think it’s one of the most incredible covers I’ve seen. It perfectly depicts the tone of this sequel. You know, sequels are tricky. While I’ve been writing this sequel I’ve been pursuing a second masters, an MFA at Vermont College of Fine Arts. It’s a low residency program, meaning, you live at home and go there 2x a year for residencies. Between residencies you work one on one with an advisor. These advisors are not just any old writers either. I worked with, in order: AM Jenkins – Printz winner – (Damage), Sharon Darrow (Trash, Painters of Lexiville), Franny Billingsley – NBA Finalist – (Chime) – Sarah Ellis – (Odd Man Out). Yea…you get my point. Amazing.

And it’s hard. And complicated, and you think you might die. But you do it because you will not quit. No you won’t.

So during all of this amazingness, I was working on my sequel. I learned an enormous amount. I know that seems rather general, and it is. But what can I say? Okay, I learned about the balance of scene and summary, focalization, objective correlative, etc, etc. You can call these terms whatever you want but the purpose of an MFA as far as I am concerned is to deepen your understanding of the English language while honing the craft of creative writing. If that’s the purpose, then I have never felt more prepared to dive back into my work.

Also, there is a themed party every residency. There was an 80s party during the summer and I thought I would share this gem with you:

YES that is a Pacman photo background. I was an 80s aerobics instructor and Kristin was…well, 80s. You might recognize her from my near delirious video giveaway last year. I never would have met her without VCFA. So what is the point of this rambling post? Stolen Night IS coming, I am now an MFA, and I will have more news for you soon. Giveaways are coming! Trailers are coming! 

But in the mean time, I will keep working and updating more (I promise).