This has been quite an eventful weekend.

1. We were supposed to get a storm in Rhode Island that ended up being a few flakes and some wind. Nonetheless, I stayed at my parent’s house because on occasion they need help with the shoveling. See, last time they said a storm was coming in RI they said we were to get 3-5 inches. We got a foot. They predicted the same this time and we got nothin’ ANYWAY – I was there. Sooooo, I’m watching a movie and hear my parent’s old dog Cocoa crying on the stairs. She’s old and has collapsed on the stairs because she can’t make it up. I start running (yes…this is when you should be saying to yourself, RUNNING?) to the stairs. The dog is crying, I am mortified and so as I am half way down the staircase when my right foot goes out from under me and instead of falling forward down the stairs and onto Cocoa, I fell backward and directly onto my butt. A straight shot down.

And a heard a crack.

Here are the stairs:

2. I called a doctor and said – “I have broken my butt.” He said, “Do you need the ER?” I said, “I have broken my butt.”

3. He prescribed me a pain killer. I proceed to puke all night last night.

4. I wake up to find out Whitney Houston died and I’m totally bummed about it. But then some savvy person on Facebook posted that a handful of Marines also died, so then I was conflicted. And then I felt guilty. And then I decided I felt equally as bad.

Needless to say I will be watching the Grammys while laying down and finishing my line edits for Stolen Night. I will also not be kickboxing because one cannot kickbox with a broken butt. Sigh. Why did I post this?

Hold onto the banisters kids. That’s what they are there for.