Aint No Party Like a Hathersage Party ‘Cause a Hathersage Party Don’t Stop!

Tonight I met the hottest bartender in Derbyshire. He smiled at me and delivered my pasta but that was the end of our love affair.

So where have I been? How did I get to Derbyshire? I left London went to Oxford, where I happened upon a set location from Harry Potter!

Looks familiar, yes? It’s the tree where Draco is turned into a ferret in Order of the Phoenix. This was shot in New College (I believe), in the cloisters.

Telling you the play by play of my trip would be tedious but here are the TOP THREE ODDITIES THAT HAVE OCCURED while in Oxford, Cotswolds, and Derbyshire (where I set Infinite Days).


1. Stopping in the middle of the road because a man was herding a bunch of sheep that had gotten lost on the way to Stanage Edge (google it).

2. Buying approximately 2 tons of Haddon Hall tea. The tea blend is RIDICULOUS.

3. My mom setting her napkin on fire last night at dinner. Best quote in reaction to the “fire”:
Concierge: “Well, at least it wasn’t the table.”

Yea…go Mom. And the last picture I will leave you with is one of Hathersage, England, where I set Infinite Days. You won’t see as much of Hathersage in Stolen Night but not to worry! More in Book 3!

Tea, Crumpets, and Judi Dench!

Oh yes. London. I have been here since Monday and I’m 90% sure I gained 10 lbs. The food here is ridiculous. I am here in the UK for 2 weeks before heading to Paris! On my personal Facebook page I have been posting a TOP 3 for every day I have been here. I thought I would share them here. Why not? Oh and apparently Kim Kardashian (who my Mom insists on calling Kardacian) was at my hotel. Which obviously means I’m the coolest.

Day 1:
Things I have learned in London so far:
1. The eye candy here is RIDICULOUS. So so many beautiful men!
2. The El Pirata tapas restaurant in Mayfair has amazing food.
3. Looking right happens much more often than looking left. Do with this information what you will.

Day Two has come to a close and here is what I have learned today:

1. Jersey Boys is a REDONKULOUSLY good show. Run. RUN to a theatre and see it. (Mom cried)
2. Yes, I WILL take roasted tomatoes every morning for breakfast.
3. The London cabbies are losing their minds because of how much the traffic sucks. Apparently the Queen’s Jubilee and the Olympics are making the local traffic bonkers.

The end of Day Three and here is what I have learned:
1. Judi Dench is way awesome in person. Even when looking at her from inside a cab.
2. Dinner at the Dean Street Townhouse was RIDICULOUSLY good. Cheese and onion tart? AKA Roll yourself back to your hotel tart? I think so.
3. My UK editor is amazing, easy to talk to, and gorgeous. I felt like Greedo.

In book news. I have made Stolen Night and Infinite Days essential oils! I made them at the fantastic Fragrance Shop in NYC. I am going to do some giveaways for the UK release  (July 5!!) in a month or so. When I get back to the states from this incredible trip, I’ll give those away along with an ARC!

More on the giveaways later…VIVA LONDON!

So, I made this vlog, uploaded it to imovie and then subsequently got my butt handed to me. I am not technologically savvy. I thought I was. But I have been handed my hat. So I must post this via words.

Why, oh why, Rebecca, did Stolen Night take so long? Blarg. I get e-mailed that a lot. Probably once a day. So I thought I would set the “record” straight, so to speak..err, type. The truth? I needed to find the right story. I think when I first started the sequel, I believed that I needed to continue the story of Infinite Days. So the book sort of read like Infinite Days extended like 200 pages. Odd, considering the ending but remember, there are other characters in ID than just Lenah. 🙂 Anyway, so I went back to the drawing board. Finally, FINALLY, I found a place where I was happy with the book, my editor was happy with the book, and I could move on with the series.

Here’s the thing. When you write a novel, you generally