NEW STOLEN NIGHTS PUB DATE! oh and my top 20

Yahoo! Jan 29th!! I got the word today that Stolen Nights will be released even earlier than we expected. Wahoo!

I made a list of my favorite top 20 middle grade and YA books ever to send to my writer’s group. With all this NPR stuff, I thought, I should do this too! So here it is.

Rebecca Maizel’s TOP 20 Children’s and YA reading list. This is in no particular order. Mainly because I am lazy.

1. John Green – Looking For Alaska – YA – (Realistic) 
2. Lisa Yee – Milicent Min Girl Genius – MG – (Realistic) 
3. Natalie Babbit – Tuck Everlasting – MG – (Fantasy) 
4. AM Jenkins – Beating Heart – (Prose/poetry – Fantasy) 
5. – Sherman Alexie – The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian – YA – (Realistic) 
6. JK Rowling –  Harry Potter 1-7 – MG/YA – (Fantasy) 
7. Notes From A Liar And Her Dog – Gennifer Choldenko – MG – (Realistic) 
8. Laurie Halse Anderson – Speak – YA – (Realistic) 
9. Tanya Lee Stone  – A Bad Boy Can Be Good For A Girl  – YA – (Prose poetry/Realistic)
10. Karen Hesse – The Music of Dolphins – young MG  (Realistic)
11. Courtney Summers – Some Girls Are – YA (Realistic)
12. Jandy Nelson – The Sky Is Everywhere – YA (Realistic)
13. Ellen Kushner – The Privilege of the Sword – YA (fantasy)
14. Daniel Handler and Maira Kalman – Why We Broke Up – YA (realistic) 
15. Lynda Mullaly Hunt – One For the Murphys – MG (realistic) 
16. Martha Brooks – Mistik Lake – YA (realistic, alternating points of view)
17. Jennifer Hubbard – The Secret Year – YA – (Realistic, epistolary)
18. Franny Billingsley – Chime – YA – (Fantasy)
19. E. Lockhart – The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks – (Realistic)
20. Kristin Cashore – Graceling – (Fantasy..generally awesome)
21. Carrie Ryan -The Forest of Hands and Teeth – (Dystopian/fantasy?)

My Kinda Book/GIVEAWAY!


That’s what today is all about. Two things you should do. The first! I am sorry about no vlog. I have moved, gotten my appendix out, found out about fleas in my living space (which could be the most disgusting experience ever), a window treatment fell on my head, and then my desk collapsed into million pieces. None of this is in any particular order of course but there you have it. Then again, the apology about the vlog assumes you all want to actually SEE me, which might not even be the case. ANYWAY.

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Appendix and the UK release

So Monday night I complained of a stomach ache that got worse as time went on. It got to the point where my sister had to take me to the ER. I stayed overnight and eventually found out – my appendix had to go. Clear liquid diet and two days later, I’m home and probably shouldn’t be writing this as I am on some pain killers. BUT HEY. IT IS MY BOOK RELEASE!

Happy book birthday to me!!! That is if you live in the UK. You should be able to pick up Stolen Night at any WH Smith, Waterstones, or on Amazon! I was going to post a vlog but then I decided no one needed to see me all weird from my surgery. So I ask you – do you want to win a copy of Stolen Night? My amazing friend Heidi over at is doing a book giveaway!

Click on that link and enter!!

I am off to drink more chicken broth!