777 Challenge!

I’ve been tagged by Robin Kirk in the 777 Challenge. Writers challenge writers to post the first full seven lines of the seventh page of his or her work in progress, starting seven lines down.

My work-in-progress is a stand alone, tentatively titled, A Season For Fireflies:

All hospitals smell the same.




We sat in muted orange chairs, waiting for them to tell us what I already knew. What I had to pretend I didn’t. We sat watching the tiny TV. Lila turned up the television as an image of Dad walked out of a restaurant followed by his official “team.”

To continue the challenge, I’m tagging Elizabeth May, Nicole Valentine, Amy Rose Capetta, and for the heck of it John Green. That’s right, Mr. Green, you are 4th on my list. Take that!

Can’t wait to read everyone’s seven lines!

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