Amazing Review of Infinite Days

From Goodreads:

This book was an addiction for me. I skipped meals, holing myself up with this book until I was done. Then, I read it again. I don’t know what I loved more the originiality of the plot, the ernestness of the characters or the thrill of danger lurking at the door. While romantic and paranormal, Maizel’s debut shines most for her heroine’s compelling desire to be human in every sense of the word. It is this heart-breaking, fragile humanity that may be her saving grace.

I can only compare this first book to how I felt when I read Twilight and the first Harry Potter. Maizel has the brillian gift of creating characters you don’t just love despite their flaws, but characters whose story you NEED to hear creating a compulsion to listen and experience that story for yourself.

There is no doubt that I am buying a copy of this book for myself and copies to give to all my friends.

Overall: A++

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