Let me begin by saying that it took me eleven years to get to this moment. I know that because eleven years ago I started bartending. I was eighteen, working and going to school in Boston. I was slingin’ drinks on Boylston Street. There have been many projects, many MANY rejection letters and many reams of paper (recycled).
Why did I write Warm Days? I was a New York City bartender, working late nights and living like a vampire. I’d sleep all day and work all night. It was a lifestyle, my lifestyle and I suppose it fueled some of the darkness that pervades the book. I wrote it in a fury – Lenah, my protagonist, came to me so easily. I was able to channel her voice with ease. She also came to me with a heavy British accent. I think she came from my subconscious – maybe it was all the BBC my mother made me watch as a child. Or perhaps my obsession with Olivia Hussey in Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet. Who knows. She’s British. All I know is that writing that book was a cathartic experience. It’s amazing to think I am already working on the second book in the trilogy.
I’m being published in the US with St. Martin’s Press. An amazing house out of New York City. I’m also being published with their UK counterpart. My book went to something called the Frankfurt Book Fair. An international brouhaha where hundreds of agents and publishers get together in Germany and bid on books. My book, Warm Days was one of the books that went – courtesy of William Morris.
My life feels like a dream – cliché, eh? But it does. I’ve been sending out letters and manuscripts for so long that this just doesn’t feel like it’s possible. But it is – it happened. I am publishing a novel!
I also am starting a low-res MFA program at Vermont College in January. I just finished my MA but I’m working on a MFA specializing in writing for young adults. This is going to be an interesting journey and I wonder what kind of writer I’ll become.

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