So I e-mailed my UK publisher and asked reallllllllly nicely if I could have the jpeg file of my UK cover so I could post it here on my blog. They are publishing Infinite Days in hardcover so the approach to the cover is different. I love both the US and the UK covers because they both capture the essence of Infinite Days in entirely different ways.

The reason one picture is grayer than the other is because there is a sort of waxy overlay with the leaves and cool flowery graphics and then the bottom layer is the photo.

Either way, I LOVE IT.

The photograph of the girl in this photo is pretty much exactly how I picture my main character, Lenah (pronounced Lay-nah). I guess that’s the amazing thing about literature. You can write this thing, this book and it exists in peoples’ minds in completely different ways but ways that are also completely accurate.

I’m so excited for the book to go out in the world. I hope readers enjoy Lenah as much as I’ve enjoyed writing her story. Her journey is going to be a crazy one and the characters that pick up the story along the way pepper her world and make it a sexy, dark and mysterious place.

5 thoughts on “Cheers!

  1. Rebecca,
    I’m SO glad you like the cover! I took the cover photo for it, and the model is actually my cousin. I thought she matched Lenah’s description, so I’m happy you think so, too!

    I’ve been excited about your book’s release since I received this assignment. It sounds fabulous! The day it’s released here in the UK, I will be at the bookstore buying it!

    Elizabeth May

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