Rebecca is teaching a class at Grub Street this summer!
What is Grub Street?
Here is the info from their website! (click the hyper link to go to their homepage):
Writers come to GrubStreet to learn how to be better writers. They engage deeply with the craft, receive objective feedback on their work, revise with intention, read actively and widely, and strive for artistic excellence in all the work they produce.

Creative writing explores and documents the human condition and creates meaning in the lives of those who practice it. We believe the act of writing can change both ourselves and the world.
Here is the one class remaining that I am teaching this summer!
Friday, August 22nd, 10:00am-5:00pm
This seminar will concentrate on the type of world-building necessary in a fantasy, sci-fi, or dystopian environment. Given the over-saturated market of these genres, this class will focus on creating unique magic systems and worlds that not only fit to serve the character but are characters in and of themselves. Worlds like Hogwarts, The Capital, Narnia, and more will be examples of settings students will discuss in class. We will look at images, read from specific excerpts, and work on the world-building within our own fiction. At the end of this class, the writer should have a better idea of the setting of their story as it not only relates to the rules of the world but the main character’s needs and emotions.
See you there!!