GIVEAWAY #2! Why? Because I can!!!

Did you weep into your coffee because MANDY won the INFINITE DAYS and STOLEN NIGHTS giveaway? Did you go to Barnes and Noble with your head hanging and pay the 9 bucks? Did you sadly tap away on and purchase both books with your keyboard covered in your PAIN?

IF NOT (you should have) then you have a second chance to win a signed set of BOTH Infinite Days and Stolen Nights. They will have the faaannnncy new covers and will be signed by me. Whether or not my signature makes this a sweeter deal is up to you.


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4 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY #2! Why? Because I can!!!

  1. I’ve tried and I tried and I tried! I really hope I get those signed books. It’d be my prized possession in my library. Wish me luck, I’m definitely crossing my fingers

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