Guest Post by the fabulous Sarah Freeman

My friend Sarah is in Rome presently, which means I don’t like her very much right now. She has a fabulous blog in which she posts photos of beautiful architecture, decadent food, and beautiful Italian streets. Well, she also posted a photo of a scorpion but I blocked that out.

She went to a wine tasting class today. Yea, a class where she sat around and tasted Italian wine. You can feel free to secretly loathe Sarah too.

But we must commend Sarah for her commitment to the cause. The Rebecca Maizel Is Published in Italy cause. She went on an adventure in which she searched out the Italian version of Infinite Days and Stolen Nights.

Below is what transpired…oy vey.

Language Barriers, Accidental Adult, and Best Selling Author Rebecca Maizel

Here is the original post. You should probably follow her blog as it’s awesomesauce.

By the age range of the majority, a good 60%, of you followers, at least, I am going to go out on a limb here and say you are PRETTY familiar with author Rebecca Maizel and her trilogy starting with the book Infinite Days, and the second book Stolen Nights. Am I wrong? I know I’m not.

Well, SURPRISE FOR YOU she is actually a very dear friend of mine AND my mentor as a writer and also just a general human attempting adulthood. I know, I know, I roll with cool people, go ahead, be impressed, I still am every day.

Well, right along with all you little biddies at home, the Italians absolutely LOVE her work, here the first two books of the trilogy are called “Fragility” and “Eternity”.

So, before I left home to study abroad I told Rebecca that I would drop in a Roman book store at some point to see her books in Italian and take a couple pics. Surely, I thought, a simple task, as her books are best sellers here and therefore literally everywhere. Well, funny thing about finding something specific in a foreign city is that, if you do not speak the language, you really should take the time to figure out how to say EXACTLY what you are looking for BEFORE you go to find it…

One day during my first week here, I was walking through my neighborhood when I spotted what looked to me like an adorably quaint Roman book store. So without thinking twice about it I went in and began to casually browse for Rebecca’s books. As I strolled the aisles I did not recognize a single book name, though, as I previously mentioned about Rebecca’s books sometimes the name isn’t the same over here, so again, no second thought, I perused on.

As I took my sweet time, I noticed that the store clerk and the few other customers seemed somewhat humored by me. Maybe this was them being friendly, I thought to myself, or maybe they were just being stereotypical Italian men and preparing their flirtations in advance should I express an interest, or perhaps they were pleased and impressed to see me, an obvious American, shopping for Italian books. Oh how very, very wrong I was.

Having neglected to learn how to ASK for the books by Rebecca Maizel or simply even by name prior to this point, I maintained my determination to find them independently by pulling some books off of the shelves to look at them more closely, in hopes of recognizing the layout of genre categories throughout the store so that I might be able to narrow down my browsing parameters. It grew from a slight suspicion to an absolute realization quite rapidly. I had in fact misread the sign on the store door… this was not a book store… this was AN ADULT BOOK STORE. As in rhetorical porn. And actually, a couple picture books, I am sorry to say.

Naturally I left empty handed feeling, luckily, more amused than embarrassed. If nothing else, a story for you, my dears.

Soon enough after I did find Rebecca’s books in a NORMAL book store, though I have to admit I had learned and REHEARSED how to ask for them specifically in Italian before looking again (not that I actually had to because they were right up front!!!) and was able to send this picture to Rebecca.

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