Kirkus, PW! And an amazing review that made me laugh!

Oh Pub date…how you have been lurking in the corner. You’ve mocked me. You told me that you wouldn’t be a big deal.

But you are a big deal.

You are bigger than my last birthday where some innocent party-goer accidentally lit an entire bouquet of flowers on fire. But, I digress.

Here are some great reviews of Infinite Days. So if you didn’t get it – INFINITE DAYS HIT THE SHELVES TODAY!!!!

Publishers Weekly review – Aug. 2

Maizel’s dark and dreamy debut reverses the vampire trend with a heroine whose heart’s desire is to regain her humanity and abandon her evil past. After more than 500 years as the queen of her English coven, perpetual 15-year-old Lenah finally has her chance to become human again when her vampire sire sacrifices himself for the necessary ritual. Determined to live her new days to the fullest before her coven finds and kills her for her betrayal, Lenah explores American teenage life at a boarding school in Massachusetts with best friend Tony and boyfriend Justin. Eventually discovered, abducted, and remade as a vampire, Lenah retains her soul and becomes something entirely new–a compassionate vampire with unexpected powers who can bridge the worlds. She returns to school and her friends, but the coven isn’t far behind, and they aren’t interested in mercy. Maizel’s lustrous style is occasionally uneven, but the captivating characters and intriguing story easily overcome the slight flaws. Vampire fans or not, readers will find a lot to enjoy in this exploration of the power of intent, desire, love, and sacrifice. Ages 12–up. (Aug.)

Kirkus Review –

Once the most feared vampire in the world, Lenah Beaudonte wants what all vampires eventually want: to be human and feel, love and even cry again. After an elaborate ritual that involves the death of her soul mate for the last 592 years and a 100-year secret hibernation at her English countryside estate, Lenah awakens at an elite New England boarding school, returned to her former 16-year-old human self. As she adjusts to the new century (almost too quickly, “chatting up” friends in mere days), tries to fit in with her peers and experiences her first human love with gorgeous and intelligent Justin and guilt for her past ruthless killings, flashbacks across the centuries reveal Lenah’s former life as a vampire, how she formed the coven she rules and why she must prepare to battle its members once they discover her disappearance. In this new series starter, strong, brave, powerful Lenah sheds the wannabe image, capturing readers instead with her complex yet fascinating history and visceral, at times sensual, narration. (Fiction. YA)

And as much as I love Kirkus and PW..I do, the Story Siren’s review was great. Her review can be found at:

And last…but certainly not least is my favorite review so far. It made me laugh out loud!

3 thoughts on “Kirkus, PW! And an amazing review that made me laugh!

  1. Happy release day! You have no idea how much it excites me that Infinite Days is out. Unfortunately I have not been able to persuade anyone to take me to B&N yet so I can read it! Also, I’m uber psyched that you liked the reviews from some of my fave blogs, The Story Siren and Forever Young. Happy release day, an’t wait to cuddle up with a blanket in my bedroom and read Infinite Days!

    – Amanda at The Mortal’s Library

  2. Great reviews for what is no doubt a great book! (And you’re right: that last one IS hilarious!) I can’t wait to find a copy of INFINITE DAYS myself so I can finally review it. 🙂

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