New Books! Covers! Madness!

Well well – it’s been some time. How are you?

Here’s what’s new in the world of Maizel.

1. I sold two stand-alone books to the AMAZING Jocelyn Davies at HarperCollins Teen. She’s very cool (she has an impeccable sense of style – maybe she will take me shopping?) and I am really excited.

Some of you may have read the description of Between Us And The Moon but if not, here is the description of the book!

About a self-proclaimed science nerd who, over the course of one transformative summer, falls for an older boy and learns that there’s more to life than what can be seen through a telescope, and more to herself than just equations and experiments — even as she grapples with a secret that could hurt him…

As you can see, Between Us and The Moon is not fantasy! It’s set in the good ol’ real world. I suppose, as an artist, the stories you want to tell and the settings that enrich your mind are character specific.My main character, Bean (nickname), had a real world problem that I wanted to explore.

I read this fantastic quote in a book called Art&Fear by David Bayles & Ted Orland:

“If, indeed, for any given time only a certain sort of work resonates with life, then that is the work you need to be doing in that moment. If you try to do some other work, you will miss your moment. Indeed, our own work is so inextricably tied to time and place that we cannot recapture even our own aesthetic ground of past times. Try, if you can to reoccupy your own aesthetic space of a few years back, or even a few months. There is no way. You can only plunge ahead, even when that carries with it the bittersweet realization that you have already done your very best work.” (53-54)

I will probably come back to fantasy at some point, but for right now, this is my art.

When I get cover images and more details, etc, I will post!

2. But, Rebecca? What about the third book in the Infinite Days series? Doesn’t that have a cover? Well, funny you should ask. Here is the cover(UK)!

EternalDawnWIP (1)

Here is the book blurb as well!

Gorgeous, dangerous Rhode changed Lenah into a vampire. For hundreds of years, they lived a life of seduction, blood and destruction. Five centuries later, Rhode made Lenah human – and happy – again. The price was high: eternal separation of the two soulmates, with only Lenah remembering the intensity of their shared love. At first Lenah can just about cope with having Rhode nearby and him not recognizing her. But when a wounded creature from their past threatens the new life that Lenah has struggled to build, she realizes that only the ultimate love she and Rhode shared can conquer the creature’s ultimate evil. Yet Lenah knows too that revealing their past could destroy not only their lives, but Rhode’s very soul . . . The heart-racing finale to Infinite Days and Stolen Night.

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