In my brain, schmequels is a word, okay? SO, I’ve been writing this schmequel and I was feeling eh about it up until the other morning. Yes, eh is an emotion. So, the other morning, after having my third cup of coffee with French Vanilla Coffeemate, I bent over to pick up a pencil. Pretty innocuous right? Just bending over to pick up a pencil… This was not a number 2 pencil but a fancy schmancy pencil that you buy at the stationary store because all of the purple Papermate pens (medium) you love so much have been STOLEN by your SISTER (GASSSSP). Anyway, so I pick up this pencil and it hits me.


No, really. I’ve been forcing my characters to run around in a setting that they just did not belong. The setting worked thematically but it didn’t work in terms of their characterization. I was so blind. So I said to myself, REBECCA!!! You should bend over to pick up pencils more often because epiphanies like this don’t come every day.

And then I did something scary.

I threw out 50 pages of what I wrote.

Yep. I placed my characters back where they belonged and like gangbusters the words started flowing and the schmequel jumped back on track and now I am refusing to write with anything but the fancy pencil.

So what is today’s lesson? Be true to your heart when you write because the moment you let it do the talking, your schmequel will start flowing. Really… If you force your art it’s going to be fabricated. Your characters won’t be motivated by their wants and desires they’ll be motivated by you – forcing them to act.

Bend over and pick up a pencil. Then see what happens to your schmequel.

2 thoughts on “Sequels SCHMEQUELS.

  1. Congrats on the schmequel epiphany! So does this mean you write out all your stories by hand first?

    Getting SO excited for Infinite Days! 🙂 Going to post the info for the goodreads giveaway on my blog.

  2. The schmequel is definitely being written by hand. And it’s almost done! We’ll see what happens. I am thinking of posting some of the handwritten pages so people can see some of my editing process. 🙂

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