Takin’ my time…

Hey everyone.

I’ve received a bunch of e-mails over the last few weeks asking about the publication date of Stolen Nights. The honest answer? I really don’t know. Hopefully soon. I need more time. As my editor says, second books are always the most difficult. And she is 100% right. Lenah, Rhode, Justin and Vicken are in my head dictating this wonderful story but I need more time to try to write the best possible book I can. So the answer? Soon, I hope. Sooner than soon.

Sooner than sooner than sooner.

Thanks so much for your e-mails and keep them coming! I love talking about Lenah’s story and as I work away please know that I will get this story to you as soon as I can. Sooner than sooner than sooner.

Wish me luck!

10 thoughts on “Takin’ my time…

  1. Ah! She’s alive! I’ve been wondering when you’d post again!
    I’d love to send you an email, but I’d much rather you spent your time writing Stolen Nights! (Unless you’ll email me what’s going on in Stolen Nights…)

  2. HI!

    I am currently obsessed with this book!! I cannot wait for Stolen Nights, but I want you to take your time with it and make it an even better book than the last one (if that’s possible…)

    Do you know whether it will be published this year or not?

  3. Sorry i know you are trying to do a great job on the second book since you have made it difficult for yourseld by writing the first book sooooooooooooooooo greeeeaaaaatttt!!! I just want you to know that i read about three to four books a week, so that means i read alot, but out of all the books i have read Infinite Days is by far my favorite book. It has ruined books for me in a way since i have read it, because nothing seems to compare to this and none have captivated me the way this one has. The book still leaves me spellbound and i have no words at times to describe how much i love the book. I am dying to read the second book. I have been waiting for oh ten months now and i am dying. I have been reading and reading to try and find another book to captivate me the way this one did, yet my mind still goes back to Infinite Days. Everyone who knows me, knows this is my favorite book, because i mention it whenever the topic of my favorite book comes up, which is often. Thank you so much for gifting us with such exceptional story telling and the wonderful world that you have created with Lenah, Rhode, Justin and all the remaining characters that i fell in love with. I do have one little request. More RHODE!!! Looooved him!!!! Thanks again for the great book and i am still painstakingly waiting for Stolen Nights!!!!
    Forever a Fan,

  4. Hi. OK so firstly i wanna say WOW! I love your book Rebecc, its by far the best iv’e read in the genre i love. I love vampire books, and I had been trying for weeks to find one that could even come closs to satisfying me the way Infinite Days did. But with no such luck. There all the same if I’m honest. Yours however, is just so different. You dont usually come across a teenager deprived of being so and then given the chance to do just that. Did that make sence? I am an aspiring author too, but when i read your books and some others i sit and think ‘oh God, and you want to be an author?’ ha. But seriously, at the end of Infinite Days (the 1st time i read it) I thought ‘Oh no, how is she going to continue it? Lenah is dead for reals this time’. I actually cried ha. So when my friend told me that there will be a second. I must have screamd so lound people in the US could hear me. Your book mad eme laugh, cry, sigh, inspire, and most importantly, want more. I love it. And love your writing skills and I am soooo darn happy you got to tell Lenah’s Story. She is such a cool,funny, adorable character who has a history to die for. I wish i could tell some of my stories but hey, you never know right? You inspire me! Maybe one day i could get a review from you for one of my stories? haha, anyways I Love it, Love it, Love it! Hurry it up with the seconf will yew? ;)xx

    – TylerPaige

    PS Rebecca YOU ROCK!

  5. Any updates on Stolen Nights?

    I can’t wait for a Stolen Nights book trailer or even a glimpse into chapter two.

    I agree with what other people have said. I would rather you take extra time to write and come out with an amazing store than rush and have a weak story.

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