“Rebecca Maizel is a thorough reader, an insightful editor, and a rigorous manuscript visionary. She connects with stories on a technical level—from line edits to chapter structure to overall arc—and she’s passionate about delving into the hearts of the characters and their emotional trajectories.

Your story will benefit from Rebecca’s skilled and thoughtful feedback, and you will progress in your craft as a writer.” – Hannah M – VCFA graduate

“Rebecca’s manuscript critique helped me go deeper into a story I’ve been working on for months. I knew there were some holes in it, but couldn’t really see them until I worked with Rebecca. With her valuable feedback I was able to work on revisions, and now my story is so much more complete.” -Kristin O

“Rebecca’s critique was hands down the most in-depth and helpful I have ever received on a full novel. Rebecca got to the heart of what my manuscript needed, and was always there when I had questions or concerns. Thanks to her, I know I can create a stronger manuscript that is exactly what I want.” – Rachel L. – VCFA graduate

“Rebecca’s critique not only helped point out the weaknesses but the areas of my writing that I should use to my advantage.  She gave me suggestions on how to edit my manuscript while still integrating my voice throughout the entire book and her attention to structure and where my novel needed it has strengthened my work as a whole.  Because of her critique I have a stronger manuscript.” – Abby S.