UK Hardcover Book + Necklace giveaway!

Oh yes. It’s giveaway time again. In the UK Infinite Days is now on shelves. You can find it at Waterstones,, WH Smith and Tesco!

What can you win? (Click on pictures to enlarge!!)

The UK hardcover book and a Rhode-inspired necklace made by the fabulous Heather Gardner or as she is known on etsy as littleredreads. Her name is Heather and she makes amazing stuff!! 🙂

Find her at:

Cool, right?

How many people will win, Rebecca?


Do both people win the book AND the necklace?

#1 winner receives both necklace and book.

#2 winner receives the hardcover book


What do you have to do!?

1. Cast Infinite Days! That’s right. How would you cast Lenah, Vicken, Rhode and Justin if you were making a movie?

2. Either you can post a youtube video explaining your wonderful cast (no spoilers!) or a post on your blog and send a link in the comments here!

For my people who haven’t read the book yet:

Rhode – unknown age, could be 17, could be 25. Brunette almost black hair, the bluest eyes you’ve ever seen. Six foot or taller. At one time a knight with the Order of the Garter. Excellent swordsman, willing to die for Lenah.

Lenah- 16, brunette long hair that falls well past her chest. Blue eyes but nowhere as blue as Rhode’s. 5’7 thin but not too waifish – meat on the bones. When she was a vampire she would easily have killed you. Excellent sword fighter. Afterall she learned from Rhode and Vicken. She is British and her vampire aura makes her mysterious.

Vicken- Scottish bad boy. 19 was once a soldier, brown eyes incredible fighter, better with knives than swords. Leader of Lenah’s coven. Strong jaw and lean. Not bulky.

Justin- 17. Blonde, tall, adrenaline junkie. Strong features, slim nose, athlete body. Can be reckless and have trouble with authority. A go getter with a danger streak. He’s handsome but that’s obvious, he’s also caring and passionate.

Make sure to add your response in the comments here or e-mail me so I can link to your blog or your youtube video. If you want to enter and don’t have a blog that’s okay too! Just send your cast picks to

This contest CLOSES: September 24!

Good luck!

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